What the fook's going on in this country?

No, I’m not on about political corruption, our crap health service, carnage on the roads or all the rest. I’m talking about some of the numpties who actually live here. I went down to the pub today to watch the Celtic game. This is Wexford town by the way. There was a lad in there, about 18-19 years old with a thick Wexford town accent but to look at his clothes and accessories you’d have thought he was from LA and a member of NWA or something. The fook had one of those tight beanies, the type Craaaaaaaaaaaig Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavid used to wear. Then he had loads of bling, a big fooking chain around his neck, rings on his fingers and more chains on either wrist. He’d this big baggy jeans and the best of all was his tattoo going from his neck, just under his ear diagonally down to below his chin and it said, ‘Only God can judge me.’ I think Fifty Cent or someone has the exact same logo or whatever. I actually pitied the poor fooker. What an idiot.

I too have noticed how comical you Irish look. It makes me laugh so hard that i think my turban will fall off. I also have a long smelly beard.

This wexford which you speak of; is this another insignificant farming village in this country.

Yep, like Kiltemagh, or Cork.

Its a fishing village.