What time frame will Moyes be sacked in?

On phone so can’t set up poll, but he is surely gone now.

Are we talking hours, days or seasons end?

3 weeks id say

He’ll get till Christmas.

3rd week of may

I’d be shocked if he isn’t gone by this time tomorrow. I’d be seriously worried if he isn’t if I were a utd fan.

End of season I’d imagine, the damage has already been done. But if the Greeks beat them again he could be sacked there and then.

Look who it is, billy fucking big balls. I don’t give it big licks that often but you’ve been on here spouting some shite all season and have an anti Liverpool agenda. Well fuck you and your wife’s big gaping gee. Spurs are a joke.

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End of season probably. You look at the games United have coming up and finishing in the top 10 will be a struggle.

Roy Hodgson began his tenure at Anfield the same date as Moyes - 1 July. It became apparent early that he just wasn’t the right fit and lasted just over 6 months before being dismissed on 8 January. They’ve either got to back Moyes or act decisively and get rid of him now.

Yeah it is. Its going to a hard enough Summer to deal with the World Cup to get players in. If Moyes is staying he has to be given the support now and try and get deals done as soon as possible for players. No point a new man coming in June and have a limited window to work miracles in.

30euro isn’t even 10 euro a month.