What will you miss about Covid 19?

As we wind our way down from a Tfk frenzy a chance for some introspection and reflection

The tory cabinet


Lads wanting millions to die just to be proven right.


Being at home with my family and being away from the maddening crowds.


There is no going back to it. The reset button has been pressed.

The debates about things like who was the best left footed right back to play for Hellas Verona in the 1970s

Having disposable income

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Free money from the state.

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It has been great to spend time with the kids especially. Our lives are so busy normally it’s been fantastic to be able to lavish time on them.


Daily virology classes.

Dr Tony

Socialists falling over themselves to defend multi-million soccer franchises


The graphs and the trajectories.

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@labane1917 relentlessly making a fool of himself.

Oh wait, that won’t stop. :grin:

350 a week for drinking cans, Leo Leo Leo

The kindness of TFKers

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I’ll miss poverty, when I’ve made countless millions by investing in the company which owns the patent for hydroxychloroquine.
Ah shit…the patent expired years ago.

Did you get your results yet? My mother has been waiting 2 weeks for results. Not that it matters at this stage I suppose.

I wont miss not been able to bury the dead with the respect and dignity they deserve. Must be very tough on people who lost love ones around this time . You’ve a dick head on about drinking cans and other stupid idiots with stupid comments .

Fair enough. But this is the thread for things you will miss…