What's the best site for streaming movies?

Per favore.

I watch alot of programs off tvlinks and to a lesser extent tvduck. I can vouch for both. I’m fairly sure they have movies too. What type of movies are you after???

Anything relatively new Dunph.


its ahead of irish cinema

Any recommendations for a film to watch on t’internet tonight? I’ve looked for Driver but cant find it.

Step Brothers

Excellent recommendation but i’ve seen it very recently.

That’s cos it’s called Drive

That would explain a bit, still cant find it though.

What’s the latest @Copper_pipe? Putlocker and Solarmoviez aren’t doing it for me.

I’ll have a look later. I just torrent everything these days

Would a similar level of video quality be available, whether it’s streaming or torrents? Or would torrents have a better class of quality?

You can get good torrents and bad torrents.

The new releases wouldn’t be great usually. If it’s something that’s out a while you’ll get it in HD

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I’m looking for Red Sparrow in particular, but all the streaming versions are muck. It’s been out ages. I want to see the beads of sweat on Jennifer’s inner boob.

Had a look there and it’s all CAM versions that are available.

I’m sure you could just Google that.

Copper pipe>>>>>Google

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And don’t you forget it :wink:

I’m talking about the inner breast, but maybe you know something I don’t.