Whats the most you can take out from a bank in a day

have a cash transaction deal to do tomorrow & need to take out a bit

im pretty sure its 600 from a laser TASE

from an atm or the bank itself? can take out €5k without having to pre order it in the bank. just need to bring ID and bank card.

i was assuming it was ATM, if not gman is on the ball.

The drugs don’t work TASE, give it a skip.

5k from a bank?

Is that definite?

thanks gman

If you’ve a gun you can take what you like.

You normally need to notify a bank in advance these days if you want to make a withdrawal like 5k.

I withdrew much more than 5k a few weeks back in the form of a bank draft.
Does it have to be notes TASE or could you go for a cheque\bank draft?

Tell them you’re with the Provo’s mate and you will take as much as you bloody well like.