Whatsapp as gaeilge, ‘Big Gaeilge’

Anyone ever try it? Supposed to be great for communicating with others. @Mac, how does it work?

For Hipster Facebook using cunts like yourself, carry-on.

I’ve tried it alright.

I find it to be great.

Yea, it’s great alright, I suppose

Socially awkward roasters use it to communicate with each other I believe

I think you’re mistaking whatsapp with thefreekick.com there

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Now that’s a belter :clap:

Ah. fucking. lovely

If you’ve got friends and family abroad, it’s superb. Especially if you are a non FB user like myself.

Great for teams. Unless you have a few spastics that like throwing up stupid shit.

@dodgy-keeper can advise on this one…

Welcome to 2011 CM.


You have to admit, its pretty fucking hilarious for a lad to be asking how whatsapp ‘works’, as if it was in someway complicated or as if wasn’t universally popular for years.

Ah here :rolleyes:

Fuck off!

Where do I buy the cunting thing with Meteor or O2 is it??

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[QUOTE=“ChocolateMice, post: 1028690, member: 168”]Fuck off!

Where do I buy the cunting thing with Meteor or O2 is it??[/QUOTE]

you have to sign up for a package to get it. I think you can get it through eircom too on a 16 month contract for cheap enough. Its tricky enough to navigate, so see if you can get the special offer one month trial before you buy into it.

Free trial like that Netflix thing the lads be banging on about? Seems like a lot of hassle tbh, i’ll stick with the phone I have.

I guess Ireland is just a few years behind everyone else.

Why in the fuck do you have to sign up to a package to get it over there? You can’t just download it for free from the app store?