When did you find out Celtic won the league and where were you?

I found out about 2 minutes ago and I was in my parents’ house in Wexford.

I was following the scores on twitter and on livescore.com via my father’s laptop.

What a day to be Irish. :clap:

Gratulerer Celtic, gratulerer Ronny!

I found out on the first day of the season. Think I was at home.


Answer the questions or get to fuck, you ballbag.

I nearly crashed the car when it was announced on the radio. Such was my rush to change the channel.

Ronny Deila found out at his twin daughters’ confirmation in Norway a short time ago:

I found out just as the Aberdeen game ended. I was at home following updates on twitter and the SofaScore app for my phone.

A fuckin one team league fuck away off ye silly auld cunt,what age are you 11?

33, mate.

Make an auld podcast later when your in the 51 with rocko and stick it up here for an auld giggle but make it a bit longer than the last one

I was looking at a list of threads on this forum.

I was hoping somebody would find out in that manner. :clap:

TFK is first and foremost an information service.

A shame this thread has been sullied by @massey ferguson and his aggressive posting on what’s a joyous occasion.

Sitting on the couch with my son and heir via livescore. We celebrated with another game of Skylanders Battle.


Three years ago when Glasgow Rangers went out of business.

Live score…great day. Under pressure to keep awake for M v P…

I was in the Tap Room at 307 3rd Avenue having a Belgian beer. I found out when I opened this thread.

I was following events on livescore and was in Punchestown, about 5km outside Naas in Co Kildare

Right here, right now. Well done bhoys.