When was the last time you did drugs or had a packet of tayto with a pint

How did they effect you?

Any funny stories?

Is this a trick?

Don’t answer. He’s a narc


Detective Harry working undercover

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I want some fucking answers.

So, a quick review of posts over the past few months confirms that Harry is a 3rd level lecturer, a meteorologist, a mechanic, and now he is also a narc. :clap:

You’ll fucking get them! But I demand to speak with my lawyer first. I know my rights, narc!


Limerick GAA, tip GAA, ravenous …

Oh by the way … Names, addresses, dates


A month ago. Pills coke and mdma. I had a mighty time



Were you bollixed for days after that lot?

Was never a fan of Coke, dirty drug.

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I drank my way through the comedown

Did Lar ever find the lad who robbed him?

Some chap from Cork i think.


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Strike 1.

Delete that shit immediately.

Coke and pills. 2 weeks ago.

Coke seems to have got very very popular again. Is it cheap or dear?