When was the last time you were punched in the face?

Mine would have been circa late Autumn 2007 where I was sucker punched in the cheek by a spectator in Ballymacash during a Mid Ulster league match. I was threatened pre game by an opposing player, a small rat faced no.11 who told me he would break my legs, presumably drawing ire at the fact the referee asked to remove my scapular at the pre match inspection. Anyway, I smashed him shortly after kick off with a heavy and late knee to the thigh challenge after he knocked the ball past me. I was laying a marker down but it also made me the target of the 30 or so home crowd with one of them running on the pitch and planting me on the side of the cheek from behind.

Nonetheless I soldiered on as we lost 3-0.

I haven’t been punched in the face since although I was accosted by a homeless person in Aberdeen about three years back. Kevin has also threatened to punch me in the face but I’m not the type to be intimidated.

I do prefer not being punched in the face, I’m quite handsome.

About 3 years ago on Grafton Street at approximately 2:47am.

Can we have more context, pal?

A friend of mine who is all talk when he gets drink in him was giving it big licks to 2 or 3 lads outside of McDonalds when I sauntered out with a burger in hand. Myself and another mate tried to drag him away when one of the lads that my mate was arguing with punched me in the face although the ear/bit of cheek would be more accurate.

Sounds like you deserved it

All of my friends have since resolved to let our mate get the shit beaten out of him the next time this happens as that wouldn’t be the first time one of us got a dig on his behalf.

Did you tell him that was really unfair?

its always the way… the main protagonist never gets the dig… always the lad in the middle trying to defuse the situation who gets it…you’re much better off hanging round the periphery in future pal…

It descended into the usual pushing, dragging and throat grabbing before fizzling out. Usual hard man at 3 in the morning stuff.

Got a few slaps there last year before my life changed in ways I have never thought possible, used to dish it out as well

Amazingly enough, about 12 years ago or so.

Though an ex gave me a fierce dig in the stomach last year and a big black dude, bopped me on the back of the head in Pizza Max on Camden Steet about 5 years ago.

I demanded a pal punch me as hard as he could in the face about 6 months ago but I think I was going through stimulant psychosis at the time so that wouldn’t really have counted.

Stephens Night 2008 I think, although it wasn’t a punch. Two lads stuck in a mate of mine, got in a tussle with one of them and we both ended up on the ground, some other sneaky cunt came in from the side and kicked me full force in the face.
Had to meet a load of my missus relatives for the first time a few days later with a broken nose, two black eyes and 4 stitches in my chin. :smiley:

I think I may have busted both Horsebox and Julio :eek:

About 2 months ago in a soccer match.
Before that it was last year in a football match.
People like to punch me. I’m an irritating little fucker.

A barman in Croatia punched me in the back of the head about 10 years ago. I think that’s it, bar some low level sparring. I’m not sure either of those count.

I remember a roaster describing a beating he got down in Cork in 1997 on slurry pit, it was me what done it, a right good hiding

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Is that why you had to take off to London Tossy mate?

Will you go way out of it, a soft townie like you would have a broken ankle if he kicked me in the face.

[QUOTE=“ChocolateMice, post: 63054, member: 168”]
Went for my first jog last night since i fractured my ankle… I was fucked after 20 mins. I have a half stone that needs shifting and thats not a bad programme to get me started… thankfully I have a track near by thats soft on the joints/ankle…[/QUOTE]


2010 I stepped to help a mate of a mate and separated him from the crowd when some dirty cunt came flying in from the crowd and caught me with a sucker punch right on the eye… Himself and another fucktard then tore into me while the fucker who I was helping took off. I ended up charging them both onto the ground and got a few slaps in on one of them before they were thrown out.