When will they ever learn?


Has anyone ever drank any of the gimmicky shit they bring out. Breo, mid strength, brewhouse series, was there a toucan something or other at one stage?

I think Toucan was part of the Brewhouse series, I used to drink those regularly enough in Fagans, meself and bertie.

I think that looks class but only because it looks like an ale or an Altbier and not a lager. Don’t really like lager but reckon there’s a gap there for an Irish one - the imported shite we drink here is brutal.

Unless its the imported Asian, Brazilian or Eastern European ones. The Heineken, Carlsberg etc stuff is pure shite alright, is that what your on about?

I’m partial to some of the Japanese beers myself.

I Carried out work as a tester/market research for Guinness “One Pour” once. A session of that shite, free all night long, some fucking piss up. Talk shite to the boys, but there was no holding back, you got as much as you liked, for as long as you liked. Thought it was the best thing since sliced bread until the next day. If the cunts had interviewed me then I would have told them what it was. Tore me insides apart the whole day. It never did see the light of day after I think. Still, it was a free session and a lock in, couldnt complain.

Asahi is a decent beer alright.

Ah yeah proper imports are good and thankfully we have plenty of them these days. It’s the mass import mainstream shite that’s crap quality.

Given the amount of money this country spends on alcohol (still, though declining) and how well our exports do overseas it’s criminal that we spend so much on poor quality imports. But we gave up on indigenous manufacturing a long time ago when the government decided they’d rather concentrate on attracting American companies here for 5 years than protect our own industries.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is the best drink from the Guinness family, hard enough to find in off licences, impossible to get in any pub in the country though.

My consumption of Guinness draft has hit rock bottom at this stage as I’m just tired of the lack of consistancy in pints between pubs. I’ve been drinking proper bottled foreign imports and Pint bottles of Guinness Extra Stout or McCardles of late. With the exception of Bull and Castle, Porterhouse and Franciscan Well pubs you can forget about having any real choice in beer on a night out :frowning: .

Guiness Light all over again

Even the colour scheme’s the same

Agree on the standard of widely avalable lager - I can drink Heineken even if it is pretty tastless but cannot stomach Carlsberg or Bud.

Polish and German beers are where it’s at. Japenese beer sounds interesting.

Ordinary Guinness is still the king of them all though.

Japanese beer is very clear and refreshing. Ashani is the one i was thinking about alright. There is another one as well, but can’t think of the name.

There is a lovely green tea beer out there, asian as well, can’t think of the name of it, but absolutely no hangover, and its savage to drink. Iki i think it might be.

Here, it tells you about it here…iki beer

Shit hurler though.

Kasteel Brune

This is one of my fav home tipples at the moment, it’s 11% so one glass while listening to a classic album will do, then it’s off to bed.


A Beauty, and Almost a good as the old days Sid.

I would murder a pint of plain. The kiwi lager is starting to mess with my insides. It’ll be December before I get a decent pint of Guinness though :angry: