Where do you keep your medals?

This is regularly a thorny issue on TFK, especially when debating the merits or otherwise of controversial sporting personalities.

I wondered where everyone displays their own medals.

Please vote. You can have multiple responses in case you keep medals at different locations.

For example, I have some prestigious astro soccer medals on my bedroom locker in Dublin. But most of my medals are in my parents’ house in Wexford.

Remember when Farmer thought Paul O’Connell carried his Heineken cup medals around in his gear bag … Mugged off good and proper.

I give my medals away.

That’s why I included it as a voting option, pal.


I sold all mine to support my hookers and coke habit.

Being from Kilkenny, I use and give them out as change.

Sorry mate, I’m on the app and can’t see the poll.

On top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies


[quote=“Bandage, post: 897032, member: 9”]
But most of my medals are in my parents’ house in Wexford.[/quote]

Same as, I’ve been broken into on a couple of occasions in Dublin and I just feel they are much safer under lock and key at my folks.

I keep my Astro WINNERS training top in my wardrobe in Dublin however

All my Irish dancing medals are hanging on a piece(large)of bog oak in the parents house.

The community games medals are neatly stashed in a bowl in my mothers sideboard. To the left of the bog oak.

Hurling medals are in my attic here somewhere. Only a handfull…

I have a few running medals hanging from the pull up bar in the garage. Motivational shit like…

And I have a miraculous medal in glove box of car. My grandfather game me when I bought my first car.

Think thats the lot.

This thread has been typically informative so far.

Parents’ house is a popular answer.

Nobody appears to keep their medals hanging out of their arse pocket, however.

Mine are all in my parents house.

To his credit, @Gman has a fairly impressive display of medals framed on the wall in his house.

I donated mine to the Medieval Museum in Waterford.

All of mine are in my parents house sitting beside my siblings and fathers medals.
However I did once wear a certain medal around my neck on a long chain as I was rehabilitating from a torn ACL.

I have a ridiculous amount of medals for an average player. Was always surrounded by very good players. 3 U14 doubles and a 4th football. That kinda shit doesn’t happen anymore with lads not playing too far ahead of themselves. All at my parents house in a mick Murphy’s fine men’s ware bag.

I do covet my Ryan Cup medal though. Genuine decent standard hard fought All Ireland medal.

:(Medals were in the parents house, but seem to have disappeared, cannot be found. Not really all that bothered about them, apart from the 1990 Wexford Minor Football championship medal. Much like @caoimhaoin I was an average player (well no, thats not true, I was shite), sorrounded by some astonishingly good players and won many honours, trying to contribute, but largely looking on in admiration, at their brilliance.

Uncle Pat has my grandfathers IRA medals, which are probably more important to me.

My mates mother nearly threw out 3 IRA medals belonging to her grand uncle, very luckily intercepted by her husband.

I’d be absolutely distraught if someone threw out my IRA medals. I’m in the Ra, you see.