Who Drank The Piss?

There was a serious allegation made here in reference to one of our community drinking a pint of piss before.

Can this be confirmed as true or false, please?

The accused - @farmerinthecity
The accuser - @ClarkeyCat

star witness @Juhniallio -

@Bandage[/USER] , [USER=1]@Rocko[/USER] , [USER=6]@briantinnion your stance on the matter is required.

@Horsebox is seething :smiley: Keep going pal, only a few thousand more dumb ratings to go.

I have no knowledge of the alleged consumption of piss. I was as astonished as many other forum members when I read them.

I know nothing of the affair. My job was to clarify that Farmer was not the man known as piss hands. Piss hands didn’t drink piss either.

@ClarkeyCat looking foolish here…

They’re old ratings you dumb fuck.

And I would like to publicly reiterate to @farmerinthecity that I was not insinuating he was a freak, even though it may have been interpreted so.


I’m going through a rough patch at the moment, pal. Take it easy on me.

Tut tut. You have a lot of maturing to do choco.

You were there. One of our alma mater brethern stole my hotel bed so I trashed the room and pissed in a glass. Farmer later admitted to drinking it.

Jesus fucking Christ.

This place is full of mentalists.

I actually did recently. My aunt was staying in the upstairs room with the en-suite so I used an empty bottle instead. In the morning I woke up parched and groggy and grabbed it without looking for a nice refreshing slug of water…