Who is the biggest doughnut on this forum

nominations on this thread-poll to follow

Turenne, KIB and Fooley surely will be the front runners

i wish to nominate thedancingbaby

Joespi73 without a doubt.

nomination accepted

I wish to nominate fran

nomination not accepted- by default runt is now in

Thinly veiled “Who’s kicking the shit out of NCC today” thread…

‘doughnut’ :rolleyes:

I’ll nominate Turenne.

I’d like to nominate myself as well, utter cunt altogether.

eamon cullen

Can i make a second nomination?

fire ahead mate

Just checking, but i may have someone for it tomorrow…


Fran is an allright sort in a simpleton type of way. i couldnt have that…

yer man Whiplash seems to be a total gobshite and therefore get my vote,
He’s a bit like an articulate version of MBB when he thought he was some type of moral supervisor of the internet a few months back, obviously the threads that followed started by various high profile posters on here about MBB’s shortcomings and thinking he was one of the lads are well documented so i dont want to open any old wounds now…

whiplash is a banterless, humourless doughnut and deserves this, honourable mention to Manus Boyle for been an equally dry cunt and for his poor driving skills…

Your some cunt Mickee :lol:

I nominate Boxty-eater

I would like to nominate Shannonsider just to shake things up a bit…

Manus is an alright sort.

In fairness the only thing I ever saw him getting riled up about was Flano’s post about the Donegal tragedy and that was understandable as he is from the area.

This is my big chance to become somebody on this website. Please don’t ruin it for me mickee