Who is your favourite actor?

Throw them out here:

  • Robert De Niro
  • Al Pacino
  • Joe Pesci
  • Sean Penn
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Harrison Ford

Pacino .

De Niro or Penn if I had to plump for… two.

De Niro probably my favourite.

I also like:
Edward Norton
Will Ferrell
Kevin Spacey

Clint fullstop.

Oh we can add our own?

I’ve always liked Duvall.


Ray Meagher

Alan Arkin
Bill Murray
Gary Oldman
Javier Bardem
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Josh Brolin
Gerard McSorley

-Johnny Lee Miller
-Christian Slater

Someone post up how I do a spoiler please, need it for another thread, thanks.

[quote=“Sledgehammer”]-Johnny Lee Miller


type this without the spaces

[ spoiler ]

[ / spoiler ]

Thanks for that

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[ spoiler ]

[ / spoiler ][/quote]


You’re kidding right? Johnny will always be a legend for mowing into Angelina, but thats where it ends for him

+2 for Clint
Russell Crowe
Kevin Spacey

Sick Boy in Trainspotting and the lead character in Hackers, two decent enough performances.

A LONG long time ago…not enough to be put on this list, but shur each to their own :thumbsup:

Danny Dyer.