Who will be the next dublin manager?

Gavin to announce he’s out soon. Who is in? Despite being from Leitrim, Leitrim legend Declan Darcy is the natural successor surely? Any chance another legendary Dublin shrill who got the sack from RTE recently have a pop at it?

Mick Bohan

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My mate Tony Hanahoe is surely in with a shot

I’ve heard they’ll break the bank for Davy fitz.

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No way Darcy will take it. He’s being trying to get out for about 3 years. If Gavin goes Dessie Farrell will get it #inthemixfor6

Is this because of the mental breakdown you insisted he was having?

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Get Ken Robinson involved

Jim Gavin will be the next Dublin Manager

Mick O’Dwyer.

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Yeah probably

The GAA needs the dubs to win the next 2 fistball all Ireland’s .

Dublin using the hand pass was in memory of handball alley in croke park closing down.

Dublin are gone. When Cluxton walks away it’s curtains.

Bench is no longer. Connolly gone, McMen gone, Philly (I don’t pay my bills) McMahon gone, MDM gone, Brogan gone. Fenton gone (back).

Strange day. Herding Aberdeen Angus for the vet visit at 9am and witnessing 5 in a row in the afternoon… Growing up with the urban @The_Selfish_Giant , I never thought I’d be doing that!


Dessie buzzin for the half dozen

Eoin Murchan

A boom boom boom, let me hear you say Jayo

Joe Brolly. Lock the thread.


Now you can lock the thread

The word is Darcy is taking over the Leitrim job next year once the messiah (terry) gets us up to div 2

It’s gonna be a tough job for whoever gets it