Who will win Munster, Leinster and the big one?

I cant decide just give your predictions

Clare Joe.

Tipp, Kilkenny, Kilkenny


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Tipp, Galway, Tipp


Kerry, Dublin, Tyrone.

Tipp, Galway, Tipp.

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Tipp pretty much have a walk into the Munster final as do Galway in Leinster- They both have to be very short odds.

Waterford, Kilkenny, Whackers.

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@ChocolateMice told me that ye have the best team in years ye are in the high grass ready to go

Would you fuck off.

tipp, kilkenny, tipp

What did i do

You know what you did. Limerick wont win a game this year now stop tagging me.

If i was @carryharry i would be afraid of this limerick team but shhhhhhh


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