Who would you pardon?

Say the president of Ireland position involved more than shaking hands with soccer teams and getting a ticket for the All Ireland every year, but you got to lash out a few pardons. Who’d get them?

This should be good.

Ian Bailey

@sidney and Dela

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That crooked limerick cop

The garlic fella

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Barry Murphy, Doon

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@sidney & @KIB_man

And @padjo

Dessie O’Hare


People who fart loudly during presidential inaugurations…regardless of political hue or skin conviction etc.


Eddie Butler
Nessan Quinlivan

Eddie Brennan - AI final v Cork 2004. Still don’t know how he missed a goal chance in the first half. If Carey, who was right alongside him, had it he would have stuck it. Still not the better of it.

gary kirby for alleging that liam dunne tried to break his hand


Jesus Christ I just looked back on the highlights there. It was the first play of the game!! And Carey had much the better angle to take the chance on. Not 20 seconds into the final!!!

Fuck me I’m depressed now. Cunt!!

Good call.

Pointing fingers afterwards was nasty business.


Jimmy Cooney surely deserves a pardon at this juncture, he’s a long time suffering in solitary.

While on the subject, there’s a fucker should never be pardoned, Martin Sludden.
It amazes me how he hasn’t been burned out of house and home. He pre-dated COTY I think.

The bog warriors can’t comprehend the intention of the thread

There will be no pardon for Cathage.