Who'll be the next Tipperary manager

Talks of Tipperary taking an unprecedented step and going outside the county.
Anyone hear anything yet.

TJ wouldn’t have far to travel, imagine what he could do with hurlers of that calibre seeing as he turned a bang average group into the best team in the land back in 13 and 14

I heard Bab’s was being brought in to finish out the year so they can avoid a panic hire this year.

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Would you believe it but I actually heard a Laois name is already in the hat.
A big scrawny red headed lad …

I doubt Pauric Clancy would be the man for the job.

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Rigney was the name I heard. Apparently his experience will suit the Tipp style of play and a big plus is that he’s an outsider.

Ah Nialls not scrawny, not for some time.

I believe Niall is on some outreach program with some shower of no hopers in a godhelpus county at the moment and may not be available for the gig anyway.

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It’s gonna be the dream double ticket of GerLock and Teeje. The only thing is it’ll be in four years time. That’s how long it’ll take to win another All Ireland and for Mick Church to step down

Teege is gone on the batter to NYC, he won’t be seen for weeks.

Mick could well be hunted before close of business today.
I thought you had your finger on the pulse buddy ?

Teddy Mac and Redser combo. The Monday club would be immense.

Box office.

My sources tell me that Mick will be absolutely fine. Even if we get knocked out by minnows like Clare or Wexford, he will be staying on next year

Davy fitz

Davy delivers.

Just passed the pleb in a 17 reg Mondeo in Limerick 10 minutes ago. :hushed:

A fucking Mondeo :grinning:

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I know. I sneered gleefully at the harmless cunt. :grin::grin::grin:

Not looking good for Church Ryan according to my well-placed sources. Could be a new manager in place by July 1st. We will be out of championship very early this year.