Who's your favourite Sky Sports News Girl?

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Fuck off. Spamming cunt.

Somebody ban this paedophile.

[quote=“Bandage, post: 535679”]
Fuck off. Spamming cunt.

Somebody ban this paedophile.
[/quote]Bandage this may come as a surprise to you but you are that person! ban this cunt with immediate effect.

Alright Skint mate.

There’s a chap called “Skint” who posts over on Letslose. I hope this isn’t the same loser with a bee in his bonnet over something…

Kirsty Gallagher


Natalie Sawyer was given the boot last week.

She has a tremendous rack so will be sorely missed

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Do people still watch SSN?

Is it still on air? I thought it was only on an hour in the evenings or something?

It’s the only New Show in our House. Herself loves it.

Why’d she get her boot? She’s engaged to Johnny Doughlas.

There was one of these sky news lasses at Fairyhouse yesterday judging the best dressed competitions. She is a svelte thing. Olivia Godfrey I think her name is.

Kirsty Gallagher is a goddess. @anon32894817

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Kate Abdo


Jo Wilson and her Scottish accent.


Me and you have similar taste.

I believe today was the lovely Kirsty Gallacher’s last at sky sports news. A sad day.

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EPL fan boy alert.


Oirish lads obsessed with English laddish culture


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Nobody on here spends as much time discussing inane EPL topics as you

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False, mini-Mac.

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