Whose the boss here?

Whose in charge around here? I want to say something to him.

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@Brimmer_Bradley turns the lights off after 2am.

Fire me on a private message so i can address your issues. You can also flag posts if your vagina bleeds too heavily.

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@rocko is

Good one joe!

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Tell the old boss i’m in charge here now from this moment forward.

FI - Not of any technical IT stuff just when it comes to walking all over people and busting heads.

You wouldn’t be strutting around here acting the big man if @flano was here. You’re a lucky fucking man, that’s all I’ll say.

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Never heard of him.

Does he still be around these parts?

Look at me, look at me irish, im the captain now

What’s this post withdrawn for 24 hours thing?

It’s an act of solidarity with GAA supporters from the 90’s when flags were more prevalent.

You confused “whose” and “who’s” there, you thick bastard?

This once great forum has been completely dumbed down and is now jam packed full of gimps mixing up their/there, quiet/quite etc.

Admins, ban these fools.


Are you replying to me or Sulkybox pal?

Ban, bans

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I’ll do what I want. Fall in and be quite.

I’ll smash your head in, you uppity cunt.

SMARK :clap:

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Anyone else want some?

Thought not. Carry on folks.