Why is Limerick such a shithole?

It’s the poor relation in this country, no question. Full of scumbags and dickheads. Even their most famous son Frank Mcourt reckoned it was a dump


Limerick is the sporting capital of Europe you ape.

the lads for the city are cunts alright but the lads from county limerick are ok

agreed, only for the railway hotel i wouldn’t live in the city

What ‘family’ have you affiliated yourself with Puke

The Parkes Family

The civic leadership of Limerick city has been an utter disgrace for years now. From Willie O’Dea’s refusenik, Comical Ali-style denial of there being a crime problem in Limerick to Kevin Kiely’s moronic utterances as mayor, to Ginger McLoughlin’s bigotted bombast. Is it any wonder the city is the way it is?

staying here for 2 nights for the racing over xmas.
Whats the story with the hookers,? ill prob be mad for the ride so i want to know what the scene is like,
Are they roaming the bar area or is it like in moscow where they call yor room looking for business?
anyone got any detailed accounts ?

does the fella who organised this carriage post on here by any chance?

To answer the question originally posed by Lazarus; it’s because there are so many people from Limerick there.

Alot of anti Limerick threads being set up around here lately but it was only when i looked at the posters we have that i realised why…WE ARE THE FUCKING PEOPLE,LUIMNEACH ABU! :clap: :clap: :clap: :guns:

The problem now is the cunts are infiltrating the rest of the country, a few of them arrested in Galway in the last couple of weeks on drugs busts. When people round here speak of a ‘criminal underworld’ they’d usually be referring to Micheal D Higgens and the rest of the Cupla Focail brigade.
New ball game now altogether, sadly.

The large corporation estates are a big part of the problem.
Omalley park, moyross, weston etc…pretty unpoliceable and dont offer large potions of population any hope at all
At least in dublin they have Shamrock rovers etc and they get out 1 once a week to support them.
There is nothing for them in Limerick

At the top of upper catherine street outside the hse Buildings there are a number of street walkers every night. That could be an option for you .

Apparently Nidge called Limerick a kip on Love/Hate the other night. Willie O’Dea was on Matt Cooper to take umbrage on behalf of the residents of the Treaty City.

what better way to vindicate your good name by sending that lying, slandering, obsequious gombeen out in public.

In Willie’s opingin, the killing of the dentist was okay but calling Limerick a kip was outrageous. :smiley: Willie’s opingins are outrageous. :smiley:


Great thread:clap: