Will the last person left turn the lights off

We have lost legendary contributors such as @thedancingbaby @Tassotti @Nembo_Kid in recent months, we rarely hear from the likes of @SHANNONSIDER or @Smark anymore and numerous other posters have left.

We are know left at a crossroads as the moral police such as @backinatracksuit @glasagusban and @anon78624367 go from thread to thread boring the living day lights out of every single thread.

Not even a @caoimhaoin v @Cicero_Dandi debate on dog fighting could get the juices flowing this morning.

The forum mods need to contact the elders of the forum and come to some sort of agreement for the good of the forum.

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you are an awful gowl.

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He gets shown up badly and this is how he reacts.
a big baby.

I miss DB, Tassotti and various other contributors.

probably topped themselves after dealing with cunts who cant even spell hear

and use grammar like will will last person

And no editing the thread title is not funny.

It’s possible you need to get out more?

are you leaving or what you attention seeking fanny

Serious point here- this cunt has cost me a lot of money. @Cicero_Dandi or whoever might have some strongly held opinions but @anon32894817 is the only poster who ever cost me a penny. I’d be delighted if this cunt fucked off.

I’d like to see @chocolatemice back. @HBV is a lost soul without him, drifting around like a ghost, like Cork looking for an AI, basically just given up on himself since the referendum.


He needs a mental health screening…

Sorry for losing you money.

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That apology’s worth its weight in gold.

aaah we’re all friends again

You gonna get that framed?

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How did I lose you money?

I made the mistake of believing that you knew what you were talking about on horses.


I know more than most about horses.

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How many winners have you put up?

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