Winter 2007/8

To all our fans - yes we have signed up for the Winter Astro League, Monday nights in Sandymount, and no, we won’t have sex with you. Well… Jugs might.

To the team - we need to get this league right, both physically and tactically. Given the fact that the pitch is going to be bigger we may need to consider a 2-2-1 formation rather than the usual 1-3-1. Efficient use of substitutes will be paramount and getting that God, Juhniallio on the ball as much as possible must me utmost in everybody’s mind. While our determined nature was able to get us through to some extent in the Raheny cages, we will need to pass the ball better in Sandymount and try and become a bit more fluid. Also, I think some sort of portable blackboard should be brought to games to demonstrate tactics. I’ll be back with more suggestions tomorrow.

We still need a manager.

As far as I know we haven’t received any applications since my own withdrawal.

Use the ‘submit content’ button to send us your cv.

I’ll apply for the managerial position.

Im really only posting here because I want to be the last person to have posted on all the different boards…

…and because I’d make a great manager and a good Vinnie Jones type player to come on for crunch situations :devil:

Bad news for you Flano. During a drinking session at’s pre-season training base last Friday night, rocko gathered the squad around and said he was returning as full time manager. He started the spring/summer league as manager and then quit after one particular debacle half-way through the season before taking up the role of ‘acting manager’ for the latter stages of the competition. Having mulled things over for a few weeks he decided he was best equipped to sort out the shambles we’ve become and he is now installed as full time manager once again. Send us your cv anyway Flano - we’ll need a first team coach / cheerleader / mascot.

I thought the mascot/cheerleader jobs were taken care of by you bandage? :slight_smile: