Winter Olympics '22 - Beijing Edition

With the addition to the family I’m very much looking forward to having live sport on as I’m up with the little princess.

A thread to log all the great non drug fuelled achievements of those competing in South Korea.




Is that Irish lad still sliding down a hill on a tiny piece of galvanised?

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Chemical warfare?

The curling is absolutely captivating.

It’s a reminder of the days when we were so starved for entertainment when stuck indoors that we would watch absolutely anything.
Rhona Martin was the big name

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Phenomenal performance from Korea in the speed skating

There’s a cousin of the Limerick Quaids representing GB in the speed skating

Enjoyed the heats in the speed skating earlier.

The relay is mental shit

Semen Pavlichenko going here in the luge

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How did the English lady get on?

He shit the pot there. Some speed all the same. Wrottersly would have liked that track

Tucker West nearly killed himself there.

The blue riband event of the 2018 Olympiad gets under way at 2am. I’m going to put the head down for a few hours and hopefully re-emerge for it.

The luge final?

The double luge final is always one of the piece de resistance events.

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Russian bird from the mixed curling comp :heart_eyes:


She’ll ruin those stocking on her knees like that.