Wish Jade Goody well


An inspiration to all of us… I know she is no Patrick Swayze but surely she deserves a thread all of her own…

Good lord!

Thats a bit over the top

It sickens me to see that Jade Goody is milking her death for every penny she can get. Bobby Robson who has had numerous bouts of cancer has fundraised over 1 Million pounds for Cancer research. Now theres a man we can all respect.

She’s using the media to raise money for her kids. Cant see whats sickening about that.

fair play for becoming a friend of Jade there mac, you’re a better man than I :smiley:

i agree with KIB

I thought the Jade Goody marriage story would have engendered much sypathy in this republican hotbed with its obvious echoes of repubican Joseph Mary Plunkett’s execution the morning after he was married.

Am I missing something here art?

I feel partially responsible for her dying considering I have wished death on her many times. And I always get what I wish for :slight_smile:

You’re a bad egg, Flano.

A dying cancer patient is probably your best chance of a shag…

not true, flano is working through a list.

the dirty fiend

Or their best chance.

[quote=“HBV*”]not true, flano is working through a list.

the dirty fiend[/quote]

Yeah , of young boys…

You should hang your head in shame. Sicko.

Dunno flano, were you not the one egging on some guy in the basement about raping dead bodies or something? Or am I remembering that exchange wrongly?

And werent you the one giving out about it? You act outraged when someone talks shit like that but theres no problem when you do it? Hypocritical fook.

Not sure when I did it flano? Dont believe I ever mentioned raping dead bodies? Please feel free to refresh my memory?

I think raping a dead body is a lot less worse than buggering a child. So therefore you are even more of a sick coont than Ball Ox.