With rent increasing is now the time to buy a 2nd property from the bank

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cc @Boxtyeater a lot of Leitrim sounding surnames mentioned here :thinking:.I wonder would they contribute a few bob towards the homeland?

McKeon was either Leitrim or Cavan.

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When my friend and I started hunting for a rental flat in the south-east London district of Peckham over summer, we didn’t expect the search to be quick. But six months, 50 viewings and a dozen or so rejected offers later, we’re still looking. After boomeranging back to our family homes not long before the pandemic started, the two of us had unknowingly decided to re-enter the rental market during its most chaotic period in a generation. In the autumn, rapidly rising mortgage rates slammed the brakes on the capital’s runaway sales market — but for renters like us, the crisis rages on.

Isn’t there lads from Tullaghan to Tokyo out tramping the highways and byways on the January 50 mile walk. Cunts bombarding me on an hourly basis with tales of their feats, times, distances and energy expended charts.

We’ll top €150k I’d imagine and then reassess the needs for funds.
The Dublin branch of the supporters club will have those lads bled dry aeons ago.

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Luxury houses in Patrickswell starting from €750k for a 4 bed. Starting from. For a house in Patrickswell.

Fucking hell.

Perhaps the most interesting thing for me about Barnakyle Woods, is there is no woods :smiley:

You’d want your head examined etc

Cc @Watchyourtoes you’ll surely buy one

There is a massive wood right behind that field bro!

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Not according to the pin?

A2 rated and over 200m2 is pretty luxury. Shur lookit, it’s Patrickswell but that’s the way it’s gone now.

No mention of island(s) .

You’d be expecting an archipelago

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The larger part is towards the bottom, stretches up towards Greenmount gate all that area is Barnakyle.

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The Wood is on the other side of the motorway :smiley:

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There is a ball of trees there on the otherside too in fairness, technically an acre can be called a forest! I think it’s actually the field to the left of the one pinned even the lighter shade.

Things I learned today!

By an estate agent

Get eamon to tell leo and chump to get the finger out. Not good enough.

On the positive side thats 30k more A rated homes

the trend is good

The more new homes the better, but hell of a lot more needed.