With rent increasing is now the time to buy a 2nd property from the bank

You’re saying we should develop an entire profession of people whose job it is to be specialised in public administration? It’s an interesting concept, I wonder how we could go about it. Any ideas @artfoley?

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We should move away from career politics. It’s done.

The left. The government are incompetent but we want they more involved in everything.

The right. The government is incompetent we don’t want them involved in anything.

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yeah, because Jacques Necker worked out so well for Louis 16th :joy:

deary me

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Oh no you didn’t :smile:

@Thomas_Brady softened!


Don’t get me wrong, most of these look like they’ll be eyesores (though I’ve thought about it, and I think an eyesore in Manchester is less jarring as there are plenty of them, albeit they are getting fewer), but compare and contrast

Got the subfloor put down over the weekend.


youll have to start a galway building thread with @flattythehurdler

Mine is located just over the Monaghan border.

Slab has started work on the tunnel from the other side now.


He must know he’s out of favour for the FA Cup Final if he’s starting now.


I’m hearing a certain party is calculating the savings, if instead of rent controls, that HAP payments will be reduced over a 3 year period and that the rent payable must reduce in line with the HAP reduction.

Any Landlord, a lot of institutions, making a killing each month from HAP rent will see a reduction in profits and make it easier for non qualifying HAP renters to compete in renting.

Does said landlord not just fuck out HAP renters then?

The first part is a positive but how do you enforce the second bit?

Are you calling out @The_Selfish_Giant and @glasagusban ?

When the HAP renters apply for HAP they need to say how much the rent is don’t they?

They legislate the rent must come down.

Do you know how many HAP renters there are??

The streets be full and the apartment blocks be empty.

They may well do that. It’s probably not constitutional. In any event the number of landlords leaving the market will now accelerate.

Surprised there hasnt been a challenge to the RPZs.

Well be leaving the market in the summer. Not worth it when you play fair with tenants and charge less than normal rate


“It’s probably not constitutional”…

The problems of the world will not be solved by sceptics or cynics, whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities, we need men who can dream of things that never were, and ask why not!


There is a development in Dublin that has brought in Turkish builders and housing them on site. I don’t know if they are labourers or what but the project had to be built and they’re kicking on whatever way they can.

What’s wrong with the government housing foreign builders in modular homes, 5 months work, 1 month off. 3 year stay, at the end of the 3 years and the worker goes home they get all their tax back.

If they fall in love with Ireland and marry our daughters at least they’ll have built the houses to live in, although they’ll forego the tax repayment.

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