With rent increasing is now the time to buy a 2nd property from the bank

Someone who doesn’t recognise poetry


This is very interesting and embarrassing when you compare the third Tallest building in ireland to the empire state building from New York. @flattythehurdler and myself agree a solution to the housing crisis is building up. More dense on less space



knock down the houses

Garreth McDaid on X: “Jesus Christ. Mary Lou objects to 1,593 apartments in her own constituency. https://t.co/lqXPVGPpyi” / X (twitter.com)

He’s a dose.



Imagine having a PhD (albeit in history) and making a comment like this.


Has anyone any experience of or with batteries?
My pal.has a roof full of panels, and heat exchanger system, and is wondering whether to get a battery ??

If he can afford a battery get one especially if there’s nobody in the house during the day.

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I would have said your better off without based on cost and the feed back tariff but i was sent this thread. I dunno if anyone can confirm its possible but this is saying you can charge the batteries up at night using the night tarrif at a cheaper rate then use the battery during the day while selling the excess solar to the grid at a higher feedback rate. If possible i would do this but cant afford batteries at this stage


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Yes, the only way to make battery pay is charge at cheap night rate (better still really low ev night rate on smart meter plan) and export during the day. Can fill battery at less than 10c a kw and export to grid at 25c


I assume you can do it via an app to control it?

I was looking at it but cant afford the outlay for the battery at the moment. Will look at it in the future, its between that and single room mechanical heat exchange vents to replace the open vents in rooms. Theres a fair draft from the vents but dont want to block them up either

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I think so, just got solar installed yesterday so hoping to add battery down the line myself.

My solar is going in in a few weeks, will wait a few years for batteries etc due to cost.

I am also looking at this, ive an A rated house but i find there is a fair draft from the vents which is annoying me. Particularly on windy days. I have been looking into these, the only issue i have is i want to figure out how these are to be connected to the electricity. Do i need to chase walls, cover up, repaint and also get an electrician. Seems like something that could be beneficial. The vents are the only thing that is penetrative of the air tightness of the house.

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The electrical conduits (white plastic that house the wires) are usually exposed in the attic and this is the main source of air leakage. If you can access them in the attic you can seal them but tricky to get at them in my experience.

Attic is well insulated. Massive difference when you go up there, joists are packed and ceilings sealed. You can directly feel the draft in the vents, im think of putting these in the bedrooms other than that its just an annoyance really

My pal is more concerned that his house will be too hot tbh.

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I say during the 5 days of summer it is quite possible.

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