Woeful Journalism


Real Buff from Fethard or fake Buff from Social Media?



get about as much sense out of either!


You even didn’t mention the glaring error on the score in the last few lines.


I think there was an error in every line of the piece.


What rag is that?


should you ask? Sunday Indo.


Low hanging fruit but this is just a a joke altogether.

This McIntyre lad is a fucking embarrassment


Schoolboy error here. This Bolands Mills did not see any action in 1916.


This made me laugh out loud. A small village development by a start-up company being described as a paradigm shift. The “Sylvain (sic) maturity” of the area celebrated. Probably a c&p from the brochure, this guy normally is a good local reporter…



“The survey contains no answers as to why a certain type of crime increases, and analysis is needed to improve understanding of the reasons for the increase”

Yessss, has there been any shifts in demographics in the past couple of years that correlates with this. Let’s not bother contemplating that, sweep sweep.


FFS. It was even widely pointed out at the time that those buildings had nothing to do with the 1916 rising.
Whatever about the journalist, embarrassing from the editors not to catch that.


Not a headline but I still can’t make sense of the thumbnail on the screen below


While obviously incorrect, they’re not a million miles away from being right. Google have also recently acquired the Treasury Building on Grand Canal St, which is located on the site of the old Boland’s bakery, where Dev fought during the rising.


Barry Egan must have been counting down the days to Katy French’s 10th anniversary.



Limerick Leader making an unintentional pun today.

Following his arrest, Doran made admissions telling gardai he was owed €200 and that he had attacked the victim over the “principal of it”.


If they had said he replied with interest then I’d give them serious kudos !




Well done mate