Woeful Journalism


There were grass banks in some of the NZ stadiums :grinning: I think we’ll measure up just fine.


Joe will be gutted


There’ll be a big focus on off the ball stuff


Eamonn Sweeney’s article about the new All-Ireland hurling championship format on the back page of today’s Sindo sports supplement (I found it laid out on the floor of the toilet, ready to wrap up a soiled nappy) was the purest, most unadulterated shite that I’ve read this year.


A shocker I found in the paper of record.


An absolutely nothing article.


And not one brand mentioned in the article.


The Irish Independent are on fire this morning.



Tremenjus woefulity hear.





Fuck sake


Hospitals , banks , housing shortage, pre fab classrooms , rural decline, bad broadband .

Hell fuck that , turn the attention to a few drinken messers with a couple of strippers in Kilkenny .


ITs all there as well mate,
If TFK has taught you nothing else then surely it’s obvious that tittalation and a whiff of scandal still sells, I thought it was a dregs of society Sun reader thing.


Well if there was any reporaters at mass this morning, they left disappointed. Barely a mention at the end of mass.


What did they say?


At the end of mass after the announcementsuccess, the priest just said " last Sunday was a proud day for Ballyragget. We are not proud of what happened Tuesday night"
Sin e



Billy is seething


Comedy gold.


report of the Leinster final on Saturday.

Graham Dwyer was the jailed sex pest. This lad seems to have combined the full forward and corner forwards names. James Powers “good scores”, all frees, none from play. The lockes never scored a penalty, they got a goal from play with 10 left from Shane Bergin (not Ryan). “almost immediately” must be another phrase for ten minutes later in injury time with virtually the last puck of the game. And from a free by Ryan Bergin (not Shane). I’d say this was a report done by twitter updates and watching Buffs snapchat.