Womens sports



Local soccer team at home set up a Ladies team last year filled with all girls who play gaelic with the local club. In our first league game the keeper rebounded the save but didnt get hold of it so one of the other girls went to pick it up in the square as if she was playing gaa…

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start of every other game i was at for the season she was reminded not to touch the ball

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Ireland U17 women about to kick off at midnight on Eurosport2

11/4, surely worth a few bob. Sure Jap women cant be much good at anything.

2 Camogie Matches last weekend, womens boxing earlier tonight and womens soccer now. Should I be getting worried about myself watching this much junk in a short space of time?

No … womans sport is where it is all at…

From yesterday’s Women’s FA Cup Final


That corner was absolutely epic. :lol:

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Twitter was in meltdown over this today. Not generally a fan of Brennan, but he’s mugged off the feminists good and proper here.


Ps I hope you notice the resemblance of the above smilies to ger himself.


Brennan’s gonna emerge from this like the legend that he is.


Fucking hell.


Obviously some sort of marketing stunt hoping to create “outrage” about how sexist it is, before a big reveal next week.

I think the “reveal” is today. They appear to have gotten people rightly riled up yesterday. While I’m generally against “morkeshing” I am for anything that got some of the fannies (ie, glas types) up in arms on social media yesterday.

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Magnificent scenes in the Danske Bank Irish Women’s Premiership.

The lob finish has been perfected to a fine art.


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