Words that annoy you


Try saying it. It either comes out Timble or Tsymbol.

Ridiculous word.


Originally from the bowels of the internet I’ve heard it used in real life a couple of times and every time I do I want to duct tape that person’s mouth shut.

caoimhaoin. Complete nonsensse.



People justify using it based on how widespread it is, but I only hear this used by self-important blowhards or ignorant jackasses trying to argue their point (which is usually flat-out wrong).

Is ‘irregardless’ even a proper word?

Don’t think so, regardless is the correct term, they both mean the same thing…

another word that really grinds my geras is ‘utterly’

Nobody knows, that’s why it’s so annoying.

One word that I hate a lot is “pantie”, as in underwear. I think the reason I hate this word so much is because I always think of a sexy pair on underwear when I hear it said.

So when someone says “Pantie-liner” or “little girl panties” it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. So I avoid the word altogether and hate it when it’s used in the general media or for any other reason than for sexy underwear.

Soup, every mong who smells of shit on this site seems to use it as a form of humour, what a bunch of tards.


[quote=“The Dublin Bay Prawn”]Soup, every mong who smells of shit on this site seems to use it as a form of humour, what a bunch of tards.



:rolleyes:Go save some poor people you shit eating bogtard.


ha ha bleedin mullahs

“Inspiraileach”. Spewed out during minor and U21 games all year.
Even ‘as bearla’ I would not be describing every third score as inspirational yet the irish chanters must.

Yours etc,




This word is completely overused in telephone conversations, meetings, presentations, interviews etc.

It’s even worse when the cunt using it decides to leave out the “c” and comes out with something like “well baysilly speaking this is the way we need to move forward…”


We have a thundering gimp of a programmer at work who starts most sentences with the word" basically". Christ I hate his guts :guns:

What the fuck is “biys”?