Words That Are Not Utilised Enough


[quote=“Fitzy, post: 906453, member: 236”]Redacted

I had an email forwarded onto me yesterday by a client noting that he had “redacted the most commercially sensitive aspects of the agreement”. Naturally I have sourced the original, unredacted, document from other sources.[/quote]

Wow, things getting cutthroat down in dunder mifflin :rolleyes:











That gimp Kevin McStay tried to resurrect this word a while back.


Calling Billy a ‘pal’ is a considerable stretch of credibility there. But now that you remind me of his nefarious presence I have decided to change my statement. Cuntedness most assuredly covers everything that Billy ‘I love PJ and the County Board’ da Kidd, says.

You can get back to sweeping the canteen floor now like a good chap.


Topper. As in “well done, you’re a topper”.








Dinger might be in the same category. Usually used for a tenacious under 12 player wit red or blond hair


Covetous. John Mullane is fierce covetous.


that tommy walsh is a right little scut…nice edgy word


[quote=“Kid Chocolate, post: 910026, member: 553”]scut,
that tommy walsh is a right little scut…nice edgy word[/quote]
Tommy is also a cur.


Wank Stain.


Lúdramàn is another one I like which is under used , a good term of abuse for a young lad acting the maggot






Corpulent: As in the corpulent figure of Health Minister Dr.James Reilly emerged from the state Mercedes…
The fat cunt…:mad: