Words That Are Not Utilised Enough






Shirt lifter




“and she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush”


A lot of words that are utilised plenty enough creeping into this thread. Also, when setting up the thread, I meant words that are interesting and that should be used more often rather than words that aren’t utilised because they’re properly shit. Fuck sake.


It’s going down hill alright-I was hoping to use this thread as a source of my word of the day much like Sick Boy in Irvine Welsh’s hugely enjoyable book “Skagboys”. Not much chance of that now considering it seems to be mainly homophobic insults and commonly used words.


The usual suspects lowering the tone.


Says the man who contributed, inter alia, facade, frugal and smorgasbord. Ffs.


Yes. Says me, old timer.


It’s ok pal. I don’t bear grudges.




I used to think it was ‘crow blush’ as in a crow was really black so you wouldn’t see his cheeks reddening.
Used to up until you posted that actually.




Lickspittle , as in @Mark Renton


Ffs, you only know the word exists because I used it on here three days ago, you muskrat.





The burgeoning body of proof and outcry from all and sundry of every social facet, governmental and non governmental national and international demand the resignation of the Minister of Justice Mr. Shatter.





A defence witness at the Max Clifford trial this morning described him as being avuncular towards young ladies.