Giving this thread a general title, but have just one particular gripe to start it off.

Working in an office where business rather than casual wear is demanded, yet birds seem to get away with wearing whatever they like. Girl just passed by wearing a T-shirt and Levis while all the lads are stuck wearing the double-windsor knotted corporate noose. If I’d my choice I’d still wear a suit to work, it’s lightweight, plenty of pockets & doesn’t show up dirt, but why are we obliged to wear ties? And how is it not discriminatory to oblige one sex to dress in a particular way?

Here here. I am typing this while sitting in work in my chequed shirt, jeans and runners.

Personally I’d wear a suit to work but its not the done thing in my place of work. I think a dress code would be beneficial becasue being dressed so casual makes the approach to work casual.

It probably explains the inordinate amount of time I spend on here as well.

Did she look hot in the t-shirt?

Black t-shirt, dark hair, I think the jeans would be described as “stone”, sitting in the next section down from you Pagey, you tell me.
I’d give her 6 1/2 out of 10.

Give me a name or initials boys. Or PM it to me so I can give my rating also.

Who wear’s check shirts these days anyway?!! :o

Its not one of those obvious chequed one’s, its Lacoste.

It’s not this shirt but it give you an idea

[img width=400 height=300]


Flano that’s a horrible shirt.

If I had my way there’s no way I’d wear a suit. If I wanted lightweight pockets I’d wear combats.