World Cup 2018/2022 Decision


We need to tear down the temple that is FIFA. Football needs a beacon, a man who has saved football in his own country, and is now willing to commit himself to saving the gobal game. The worlds game. The peoples sport.

We need someone to pave the way, football needs a prophet. Footballs needs


Off to the people who look slow thread.


We owe Platini for fixing it that we got to the euros.


Tj Ryan


Gianni Infantino is the new top dog at FIFA.


Unreal. A good Italian and a good roman catholic


Sounds like a medieval Italian saint.


Is he not Swiss?


He is. Ethnic Italian though


So World cup 2026 will have 48 teams :cry:. 16 groups of 3, initially with I suppose 2 from each going through? If they did that there wouldn’t actually be a whole pile of extra games as long as there wasn’t a second group stage


think its 1 team going through

great news for Ireland, dare I say Mr Delaney pushed for this


42 teams…16 groups of 3 ???


Its 48 teams I think, not 42


What he said.



More Asian teams, what could go wrong?


Two teams going through.


Diluting the competition further. It’ll just mean the group stage will be a total non event now. Similar to the expansion of the champions league where it’s not worth a shite until the knock out stage. It’ll help Ireland alright, but fuck it, I’d prefer if they were able to qualify by being a good side rather than getting in by being slightly above average of shit European teams.


Stupid format. It’ll lead to an amount of dead rubbers and teams playing to get a convenient result that will suit them both in the last group game.


Can’t play for a convenient result. There will be no draws. There will be penalty shoot outs in the event of a tie.