World Cup 2018/2022 Decision


It’s all about TV coverage.


Ah here, so you will have poor teams parking the bus on their penalty box in the hope of picking up 3 points in the lottery of a shootout. Jokeshop


I understand where you are coming from Gman but for me the main concern whether its better or worse for Ireland. The bigger countries complained about the Euros but I loved the extra games and the joy of the Italy game and hopefully this will lead to some new great sporting memories. €€€€€ for the FAI is a bonus too


Means Ireland get to go and take part. Fans get to travel to a tournament.

Like the Olympics - being there and the odd magic moment is great.


I think I preferred you when you would tell me to fuck off and die. This new you is disconcerting. you’ll give yourself a stomach ulcer trying to contain your rage being nice rather than telling simpletons to go fuck themselves.


yeah thats great and as TSG says, a few more bob in the kitty for the FAI, I just prefer if they got there on merit rather than for the sake of it.


If we qualify for every tournament will the fans get sick off soccer?


Are oirish egg chasing enthusiasts sick of the 6 nations ??


Have those Kilkenny cunts gotten sick of Hurling yet?



Yes, but they come out in force when the team is winning Grand Slams.


Only a matter of time now before the Euros becomes a 32 team tournament, including four non-European invitees.


Somebody from 442 mag did a draw based on current seedings in the respective regions and based on how many teams from the region qualify. What a joke. Fifas view is they are promoting the game but this is all about TV revenue. I wonder will they regret this as surely the viewership could drop dramatically based on the amount of shite games


Group N. FFS sake. The World Cup is turning into a car rallying event with highlights on RPM Motorsport with Alan Tyndall at 11:35pm on Thursday nights on UTV.


We’d batter those Mexican tortillas


Wales have a difficult group there.


Gas the way we still manage to get a cunt of a draw. Mexico again in Orlando, San Diego or Texas…no chance! :persevere::sweat_smile:


I suggest a “World Cup for the world” in 2026, on the same principle as how Euro 2020 is being held.

Eire’s first group game will be in New York with the second and final one three days later in Auckland.

The winner of the group plays in Tokyo in the round of 32 with the runner up playing in Santiago.

Emirates Airlines have already agreed to be official sponsors, sorry, official partners - it sounds so much more friendly, in a corporate sort of way.


Some dross there. Curacao is a type of liqueur FFS, did they beat creme de menthe in the qualifiers?


Brazil is a type of nut, China is fine crockery, Iceland is a supermarket, Wales are giant sea-dwelling mammals, Turkey is what you eat at Christmas, DR Congo was a 70s reggae singer.