World Cup 2018/2022 Decision


Fellas saying ireland couldnt host a rugby world cup :joy::joy::joy::joy:

If your young lad made that with lego youd take it off him


This can only end one way


Very timely thread bump.


For FAO @labane1917


Platini has confirmed that the World Cup 98 draw was fixed to try and have Brazil and France meet in the final. ‘A little trickery’ was used.


World Cup 2026 host announcement this morning.

CanUSex v Morocco.


You couldnt give it to a country that openly supports and carries out terrorism - Morocco has to get it.


:us: :canada: :mexico:


A three host tournament would be a farce. Hon Morocco


It’s over, mate. CanUSex have won.


A fucking joke decision… they promised 5bn in profits… fuck the fans who have to travel.


Fuck sake