World Cup 2018/2022 Decision


Chile is spicy


The only valid answer in that bunch is Turkey. As:

“Brazil” is not a type of nut, it’s a “Brazil nut” and since we are being pedantic it’s not a nut either.
“China” is not necessarily fine crockery. China can be fine china, bone china etc.
“Iceland” is not a supermarket. “Iceland Foods Ltd” are.
“wales” are not giant sea dwelling animals. Whales are.
“DR Congo” doesn’t exist as a reggae singer according to t’internet.


It’s not, Chilli is though.


Wrong on all counts.


I’ve made a right mug of you


Wrong again. It’s impossible to turn a human into a mug.

I’ve made a right dunce of you.


The Netherlands really never recovered from their disasterous Euro 2016 qualifying campaign.


That’s fully gas. Ourselves vs Brazil and Mexico, meanwhile Curaçao (???) only have to play dross like Wales and China.

Don’t fancy Honduras much either.


The cynics said this would never happen.


I’d imagine the risk assessment documents are getting a serious read at the moment by many stakeholders. FIFA are apparently in constant contact with the Qatari’s, probably by pigeon at this stage.
The Gulf Cup of Nations is due to be held in Doha in December, which will be slightly awkward if no one is allowed to turn up.
What’s our preference for an alternative? Engerland, Australia, US?


US, less terrorists


Less what are termed terrorists, but more mental fuckers waiving guns around.


Mostly shooting each other, @Turenne’s mates.
Very few terrorist events here like you see in Western Europe or increasingly Aussie.


Terrorists in the states are all crackers and as such the white media refer to them in non-generalising terms like ‘lone wolf’ or give them sympathetic back stories to humanise them.

Of course, if they aren’t white, they are simply portrayed as animals that we don’t need to concern ourselves with.


There are more black on black killings in Chicago in a weekend than the total that crazy crackers kill in five years. The socialists want you to believe that the 5 gangstas killed unjustly by the cops per year are the problem.


What’s wrong with that?


You can’t say that.


Some place alright.


Fucking state of this :rofl::rofl::rofl::crazy_face::fearful:

Dem craaaazy rooskies :rofl:
You’d want your brain scanned etc…


Hilarious. it’d be like watching a match through a letterbox.