World Cup 2018 Prediction League ( €20 entry)


We’ll worry about settling up after


Nice One


Ye can do all the predictions for the group stages now if ye like.

Matchday 1 to Matchday 3


Done :smile:


I am entered but I don’t hold much hope!!


I’ve entered


I’m in


Who’s Ballybanba?


14 in the league as of now.

Here’s the link for the league.

Use your TFK name as Player name.


Your belief in mankind is most honourable. That laisse-fairé attitude won’t buy many pints.


Up to 16 now.

First game is tomorrow @ 4 so don’t forget to get those predictions in!


And the money. Don’t forget the money!


I’ll get the “lads” to sort that :wink:


You don’t seem to be on the list pal?


I’ll do it for the crack


do it so and shut up about it


I am there now?


I’m in. Make a rule that lads have to get the cash in before match day 2 starts @Copper_pipe. Otherwise it’ll be a farce.


Make a rule that there’s only one entry per person. I see yer man has two aliases signed up.



Are we paying it to @Rocko?