World Cup 2018 Prediction League ( €20 entry)

In the Game users can predict the result of every match at the 2018 World Cup.

The game is divided into seven matchdays. The group stages are split into three, one for each round of games, while each knockout stage has its own matchday. Matchday seven includes both the final and the third-place play-off.

How do you earn points?
Points are earned by users predicting the correct outcome and score of each match. Three points are awarded for predicting the correct outcome of the match with an additional two awarded for the correct score.

Predictions – or changes to predictions - can be made on all matches up until five minutes before that match kicks off. Predictions of other users can only be viewed after the deadline has passed.

Your predictions will be saved automatically. So there is no save button you need to press.

Link is here

We’ll say 20 euro a man, @Rocko to get 50% of the pot and Overall winner takes the other 50%

When registering, use your TFK username as player name.

I’ll have to invite you to the league so CC me in post or PM me and we can arrange entry

Apologies in the delay in setting this up. I wanted a site that required as little effort from me as possible :slight_smile:

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From the other thread @anon32894817 , @Aristotle , @anon78624367 , @Raylan and @Your_Mums_Athletic have registered interest already.


I’m in

PM me whats handiest for you, Paypal, Bank Transfer or Revolut.

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I find IOU great!!! :wink:

It is PayPal for me mate.

@Rocko might prefer to hold on to the funds for the few weeks. He may be able to confirm this…

Might I ask why the winner doesnt get 100% of the pot? Seems only fair.

I’m registered there.

The TFK hamster wheel won’t run on solar power.


the turks always get their cut mate, it was ever thus


I’m signed up. PayPal is good for me.

I’d sign up, but given that I’ve no idea when it actually starting, no interest in soccer, and most importantly would forget to place any bets, I’ll just light a fire with 20 instead.

Here is the link for the league. Use your TFK name as player name for convenience

Everyone can settle up after.


I joined and its added me to the league, however I cant make any predictions, all I can see is the 5 names that have also joined.

Please advise.

Click “Game” then click play now on Matchday 1

I’m in. PayPal or whatever suits…