World Fascism (and other totalitarian ideologies) Thread

Yeah, this is completely normal and nothing to worry about, or something

India’s far right RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), literally on the march

The SS part of the abbreviation isn’t much of a coincidence

They’re big donors to Tulsi Gabbard too

India will likely become a tinderbox in the 2020s

How come India never had a snooker world champion?


Not much of a coincidence that a certain Mr. Trump is in India at the moment as guest of its absolute nutcase of a PM.

India is the biggest tinderbox in the world today.

The rehabilitation efforts have begun in Vichy England.


…and lads defending them.

OB Agrawal won the World Amateur in Malahide in ‘84 or ‘85.

Cunts kept thinking they could keep goats on the green felt


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Mumford and Sons

Not a big surprise.

What’s wrong with that? They seem like a lovely human being.

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There’s something magical about him working in such a ‘healing’ place, and it shows how absurd the right left debate has become.

Whats his problem? If they’re not causing him any harm tell him to shove it

I think it’s something to do with bombing the shit out of brown fellas while signalling your virtue to the woke crowd. I suppose scott finds it a difficult Pentagon to circle


Andy Ngo just brings to light left wing violence. Seems to drive the ignorant apes mad, all they’ve left to throw at him is ‘fashhisst’ and death threats. Lads like you I suppose.

A piece on how the far left have gotten a grip on Global politics. The puritanic left share a lot of traits with the puritanic right of the pre-WWII axis.

“The behavior and mentality of the acolytes is very familiar to me, and I have had many opportunities to observe burgeoning leftists in their native environments. The newer generations of leftists have never been told by those close to them that they really are not as smart as they think they are. They have never been given the reality check or the slap upside the head that they needed. They have been conditioned from a very early age to believe that everything they say and do is profound. And even though most of them have not accomplished anything of note or merit in their lives, they think that their ideology gives them the power to assume a mantle of wisdom and look down on others that do not share in their religion.”

This piece reminded me of a prominent poster.


The far left has as much of a grip on global politics as Mayo do on Sam Maguire, you loon.

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This is as good a thread as any to post this reminder of the work of Gregory Stanton on genocide. Stanton was of the opinion that genocide happens in stages that are “predictable but not inexorable”. He initially identified 8 stages, but revised that to 10 in 2012 to include discrimination and persecution. Over the past few months we have seen some of these stages play out before our eyes, and anyone that argues otherwise has jumped straight to Stage 10.


Without notice, warning or explanation I was banned from a thread. No-one spoke up.
All because I spoke truth to power.