World War 2

Is it not just a complete disgrace we stayed neutral during this?

Thank god America got involved or we would all be German now. I just can’t understand why they didn’t help out in the fight against the Nazis.

No, we would have made no difference and more Irish people would have died

Well that isn’t a great attitude now is it? Thank god the young Americans didn’t take that attitude.

What would happen now if the E.U was dragged into a world war? Would Ireland be able to remain “neutral’ ?

What would be wrong with speaking German instead of English? Neither is our native tongue.


I’d say the big problem with nazis is what they done to the Jews.

The extent of that wasn’t known till near the very end of the war. The yanks, nor the Brits, went to war for those reasons.

We’d already ran em from limerick so Hitler might have given us a break


They knew alright. They just didn’t want to know

Ich bin ien Limericker

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It’s shameful we didn’t help out. A compete disgrace really.

Would you equate those bastards who went to Cheltenham as badly as those fucking Irish staying neutral?


I posted up my grandfather’s service medals last night.

The Russians won world war 2 in fairness to them.

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Those bastards who went to Cheltenham will forever carry the stink in their bloodlines


Without a doubt.

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No germanese ever called me paddy



The Americans done their bit and they didn’t have to either.

Never get involved in a land war in Asia