Worst New Poster 2012

Hard to choose between Horsebox and carryharry. Christ, I despise both of these arseholes.

Raymond Crotty.

How long before Carryharry posts a picture response in here like a poor mans Art Foley

No competition - clearly: Elvis Brandenberg Kremmen.

Definitely not carryharry. He’s pretty much been my sole source of :lol: and :clap: for the past 6 months.

Cowpat & his feeble attempts at getting the leg over have been an embarrassment to the board.

:lol: We both know that’s not true Bandage-we have added some much needed new blood to the website as have a number of others. Despite your attempts to ingratiate yourself with Flano and TASE by having the odd pop at me, I know we have mutual respect for each other and, while I normally don’t hang out with tubby people, we may have a pint or two one day and laugh at this.

Chav something. Chavez i think he calls himself. Just posts up terrible pictures for all his replies. This is a no contest.


A total dunce

And Horsebox has done his default “sure we’re pals - let’s go for pints” response too. Two absolute fucking dullards.


Puke clamped.

Sorry about the tubby comment mate-uncalled for.


Some of the pics were getting a bit old, you seemed to be stealing MBB’s shtick… But you mailed it there harry!

Fuck you pal. It’ll be along time before you see the inside of a 36 inch waistband again.



I laughed at that.

Il Bomber Destro

Faldo making a strong play in the Football Trivia thread.

I do try…

Fucking tards…

Carry harry should be favourite - he tries to fly under the radar and does his best to fit in but he is an insufferable arsehole

faldo is a cunt too - isnt he is from the arsehole of ireland yet is a diehard Sunderland fan - his mackem vs geordie jokes are painful