what’s going on here,

every time i click on a thread i’m kicked back out to the forums page

Except for now obviously. I had the same problem. Runt will be along shortly to tell you to take the hint.

Sorry that was me just trying to get the polls to work privately. Finished now but no idea if it worked.

The option to delete your vote is gone anyway.

COTY still isn’t private but you can’t delete your vote now so that’s something.

I think that might be something Jim Corr would be interested in Art.

and something else Art

Our friend Frilly Keane is one of the admin here now

She’s well in there

So watch yerself, t’wouldn’t do for you to end up on PV and for the rest of your edays.

The internet’s definitely broken if thats the case.

You’ve still got a huge arse MGG.

Your facination with my arse is starting to look like a “things that are wrong” contender, t’wadden’t me that nicked your deck chairs you know.

Anyway check out Frilly’s status on the members list.