Xbox live

what do you need to set this up - pro ev 8 out soon

broadband, xbox and a television (prefarbly a high definition tv). i presume you mean pro ev 7?

must be 8

have all that- what do you need from xbox? how much is it

think its called an xbox gold or something. it is around 450 euro. smyths is best option as its cheapest.

Its Pro Evo 7 thats coming out but they’re using the year to name the new ones so its Pro Evo 2008. Probably where the confusion came from

You don’t need an Xbox gold or anything Raven.

You already have the 360 don’t you? All you need to do is buy a subscription (either online from Xbox themselves) or in a shop like Game. It costs 5 euro a month I think.

Other than that it’s simply a matter of connecting an ethernet cable from your 360 to the broadband modem and filling out a registration form on your 360 where you should see an option on the main dashboard for signing up to Xbox Live.