Ye Olde FA Cup - 2023

Jaysus fucking Christ. Has @Cheasty riled you up so much that you’ve resorted to that? Take a break from the INTERNET and stick to reading The Sun.

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No. It was one of the lies The Sun told in 1989 though.


And so we circle. Took a while for one to come in.

The rest of the cunts are still in bed. A long night at Ratoath last night celebrating our “four league clean sheets in a row” cup.

Why do you think I’m riled up?

Go easy on them, they wouldn’t be used to it

End to end stuff here from Bramall Lane

Goal for Sheffield United. 2-2 with 10 to go

Ally’s enjoying his day

Oh my word

A thunderbastard to win it

Fucking av it


Didn’t realise it was THE Tommy Doyle who hit that. The breeding is good there to say the least.

I’ll give the keeper a pass

Oh, that’s very nice from Ferguson. Very nice indeed.

What the English wonder kid can do, the Irish one can mirror

Fulham v Brighton
Manchester City v Sheffield United

Cracking semi finals there

Mitrovic the daft cunt

There was no need to call the ref over for a look though

Antony is a Fanny