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cant see why they want to stop people making a career for themselves in sport when they cant offer them one themselves

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Ulster forces unite as they look to put Rules series on scrap heap
By Colm Keys

Tuesday March 03 2009

Ulster counties will unite in an attempt to vote the International Rules into extinction next month.

A Tyrone motion calling for the “formal connection” between the GAA and the AFL to be scrapped on the basis that International Rules has “outlived any usefulness it might have had, is making no contribution to the development of Gaelic games but instead is damaging them and should be formally ended immediately” will go before Congress in Cork.

But because the concept of International Rules is not enshrined in rule, any vote is likely to be conducted at Central Council unless an Ulster motion is framed in such a way as to touch upon a rule.

One such route could be Rule 42, now Rule 44, which governs Association property and, with the exception of Croke Park, decrees that grounds can only be used for purposes “not in conflict with the aims and objects of the Association.”

Ulster secretary Danny Murphy suggests that International Rules should be treated in the same way as other rival sports such as soccer or rugby.

An overwhelming 36-5 majority decided at Ulster’s weekend convention to back the Tyrone motion and clearly the feeling from the floor was that the AFL has now become a rival to the GAA.

Tyrone opposition to International Rules has hardened despite Sean Cavanagh’s success in captaining Ireland to Rules success.

Mickey Harte has been quite vehement in his opposition and that feeling has now swept across the majority of the province.

Ulster’s support for the motion came from virtually every county and a decision on what way to frame the motion will now be taken by Ulster Council.

The passing of the motion comes just weeks after the GAA’s Management Committee opted to overlook Belfast as the venue for one of the two Rules Tests next October in preference for Limerick.