Your Nearest Pervert?

How near do you currently live to the nearest pervert? I’m thinking proven or registered or suspicious beyond a reasonable doubt type perverts - not your average sleazebag.

Across the road from me and one house to the side is a pervert. A proper one who made the papers and I think the national news. Only just dawned on me that it’s a bit creepy with my kids around and all that.

Define pervert.

That’s why I grassed him up to the redtops


I forgot about your crucial role in exposing him.

break his windows pal

We brought him down mate.

Did his folks not throw him out ?


Six One should do a follow up. Probably best if Dobbo ran the story though


He was all over the news that fella.

Sure @Funtime used me to expose him at the time.

One Saturday afternoon, @Funtime rings me and discusses the individual.

The following day, I’m a “source” in the Sunday World.


No comment.

Innocent till proven guilty and all tha’ but there’s a creepy looking douche at the gym. Drives an old chevy van. My guess is there’s a few tied up women in there. Pervert.

In the back of the van?

Highly unlikely

They said the same about Ted Bundy.

Who did?

Does “knowing” @myboyblue count ,?


Only if I touched you

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