Your Super Bowl Snacks Thread (also US Presidental Election night)

This deserves a few days build up to let guys knock heads and bang out a few ideas. @Bandage, what will you be going for this year?

Think i’ll go with Pizza and beer for kick-off and a range of chips/dips and chocolate after tha to get me to half time where i’ll probably just concentrate on beer for the second half.

@maroonandwhite - Will you be doing that beer can chicken this year again, bro?

Hi, Choco. I’ve traditionally Super Bowled in Wexford. It’s usually my first weekend home of the new year and I’d retire to my folks’ house, give my mother a shopping list, eat merrily during the event and sleep in having taken the Monday off.

However, I was in Wexford last weekend on family business so I won’t head down again this weekend. I’ll therefore watch the Super Bowl in my Dublin residence for the first time in a good few years. I haven’t really considered snacks yet but would happily take recommendations.

Will the nutri-brothers splash out on some refined sugary products?

No pal, if you’re not eating pizza on the big night you’re only mugging yourself off. Im thinking of treating myself to a smorgasbord of chips and dips also. Pick and mix too perhaps. I strongly dislike both teams involved and so will need plenty of sugary goodness to keep my mood intact, and to give me the energy to simultaneously watch the game and abuse the good folk of the internet. Saw last years debacle in sinnotts on the green. Woeful cuntfest of an occasion, best avoided.

If you don’t have chicken wings it’s not a Super Bowl party.

I hear ya, Brian. What beers are you guys lining up? I might go with a few Sam Adams for the night that’s in it.

Mike’s hard lemonade

You’re an awful fecker, TBC.

Sign in @Fran.

I am gonna get a six pack of RC cola for it

Glas is probably making up vegan burgers and drinking no carb beer.

Where’s the best spot to watch it in Dublin? Some crowd are hosting a party in the odeon!

@Blake, sign in.

Pizza, mini quiches, chilli peanuts and beer. I might throw in some chocolate too with a mug of tea, depending on how I’m feeling.
@Crutches, if you want to actually enjoy the game, get a rake of food & drink and watch it at home. Those parties are absolute cuntfests and if you’ve any interest it’ll ruin the game for you.

Wings and beer for me. Any suggestions for a properly hot sauce? I will also have a box or two of milk duds.

Get the nandos extra hot piri-piri in tesco. It will blow the bollox off you.

did you ever do the Nandos wings roulette?

Daves insanity sauce if you can find it.